Athlete Management System

What is the Athlete Management System?

The Athlete Management System enables you to create and maintain your athletes sports profiles.

You can create sports profiles for coaches, referees, players and athletes etc. maintaining their personal information, physiological information and a history of their fitness tests.

We are changing the way coaches, trainers and sports scientists manage and develop athletes’ performance.

Upload GPS data from each of your players matches; our system uses their unique profile information to generate a personalised fitness report which enables you to define points of fatigue and possible injury as well as displaying when your athlete is performing aerobically, at threshold or anaerobically during their event.

What is the online video streaming component?

Securely broadcast your matches over the Internet. Simple permission lists enable you to grant others access to your videos.

Create a library of filmed matches which can be embedded seamlessly into your website; your visitors can safely watch your events on computers, phones and tablets without leaving your website.

Generate reports and viewer statistics; click on a user or any event and see who has watched what, when and where.

The benefits of online video streaming

  1. Parents and club members who cannot travel to matches can watch live or recorded events online.
  2. Recorded events can be used to analyse and hone team skills.
  3. Increase the number of people who watch your matches, widening your fan base.

The benefits of the Athlete Management System

Athlete Management is rapidly becoming a widely recognised and important subset of the broader process of competitive intelligence.

  1. Maximise training gains.
  2. Performance optimisation.
  3. Helps reduce injury rates, particularly soft tissue injuries.
  4. Manage athletes wellness and training loads.
  5. Use your data to run training programs, assess performance and keep your athlete at their best week in, week out.
  6. Synchronise GPS and heart rate data with videoed matches.
  7. Chart and compare athletes’ performances week to week, month to month or from season to season.
  8. Share performance results throughout the organisation parents.

Who is the Athlete Management System for?

Schools, colleges and sports clubs who want to optimise health and results especially in rugby, football and hockey.

How does the Athlete Management System work?

Step 1 – Create a profile for your athletes.

Step 2 – Upload GPS and heart rate data from GPS devices such as Polar, Garmin and TomTom.

Step 3 – Track player’s performance data in real time while watching match videos! Generate charts and reports to optimise your athletes’ training loads, physical condition and performance.

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Cheers mate have provided us with much needed technical support which is helping to improve our sports analysis in Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Cricket – A first rate service!
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Cheers Mate have not only filmed the matches but coded the key performance indicators as well as tailored their delivery to our individual requirements. I see video analysis as an essential coaching tool and Cheers Mate allows us to feedback the same way Premiership and International coaches are doing.
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An excellent, reliable and very professional service.
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I would highly recommend Cheers Mate Productions to any educational establishment safe in the knowledge they will enhance any idea, event or similar with superb knowledge base; but for me most importantly they are easy to work with and about problem solving for the client.
Keiron Orris
Charlton Park RFC have been using Cheers Mate Productions' Hi-Mate for the past five seasons. Richard and the team offer a great service and cater to our needs. They have developed their product greatly in a small space of time and regularly introduce new ideas and innovations. CPRFC look forward to continuing their relationship with Cheers Mate Productions over many years to come
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Contact Us

Use this quick contact form to get in touch with us. If you need more information, you’re interested in our services, want a free demo? just give us a call…

Cheers Mate Productions:
0333 577 1963

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